Hodgman Photos


family reunion March 2000, at Launceston Tasmania. Australia

Photos of Aaron and Juliana Hodgman's Descendants

Aaron and Juliana 's children
Top from left.William Lade Hodgman 26.1.1831.
John Samuel Hodgman 14.3.1867
Thomas Christopher Hodgman 7.6.1853
Centre Cyrus Lade Hodgman 7.8.1862
Frances (Fanny) Hodgman 13.7.1855
Martin Crofts Hodgman 2.8.1857
Front Wilfred Hodgman 25.9.1871

William Lade Hodgman and wife Catherine Heaps
Eldest Son of Aaron and Julianna Hodgman

Arthur John Hodgman

May Osendorth Mitchell (Arthur John Hodgman's wife)

Allan Herbert Hodgman and wife Florence Grace Rattray

Allan John Hodgman and wife Rose Mary Walker
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